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Chopin's Desk

Chopin's Desk
Ref: MF118 Rare and remarkable, this whimsical desk. A make believe set of clavichord keys includes one that magically releases an unobtrusively placed drawer. The story goes that Chopin, the famous 19th C. composer, was fond of whimsies and had a design for a similar desk drawn up. Since the story is apocryphal it may or may not ever have been made. At any rate, it was a lot of fun developing this unique desk, and we feel the secret drawer adds another dimension. The unexpected and hard to notice visual aspect results in a secret space, with lots of space!

The desk ships with legs disassembled, sets up easily, and is a great conversation piece!

W: 103cm. H: 110cm D:56.5cm

Lead Time - 2-4 Weeks

Price £1,145.00 (Including VAT at 20%)