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1940s Surgeon Lamp

1940s Surgeon Lamp
Ref: SL042 Supremely Surgeon. An original WWII operating theatre lamp found in isolated storage somewhere in the Pacific. Imagine MASH-like scenes of on-the-spot surgery, instant diagnostics and solutions. Our replica vintage operating lamp is made of steel and aluminum parts. Adjustable shade and height. Heavy four leg base with quality castor wheels. Combines perfectly with both modern and classic furniture. Great lamp!

• height adjustable

• black high gloss enamel shade, frosted glass cover

• spring loaded, nickel plated pipe for easy height adjustment

• iron counterweight for added stability

• base is fitted with brake-adjustable wheels

• lamp arm can be rotated in the horizontal plane, but cannot be angled

• lamp shade can be tilted with the adjustment handle

170 x 78 x 215 cm

Price £1,225.00 (Including VAT at 20%)